At independent SalesForce Limited all our representatives are experienced and successful. They also net better sales results than an in-house sales team might. Why? Because they have long and successful career backgrounds that include sales experience with large companies, are well trained, highly experienced, possess maturity and work to the highest professional standards.

Challenge vs. results

Responsible for the challenge, development and motivation of our own resources, at independent SalesForce Limited we also keep our sales staff constantly motivated and challenged through the wide variety and potential that a heterogeneous portfolio of products, services and markets allows us to present. Whatever they achieve we can present further paths of growth and development.

No sales force maintenance expenses

The unfocussed, perhaps inappropriate travel expenses of an inexperienced salesperson can be as high as his or her salary. Even phone expenses can be staggering. One obvious advantage of employing independent sales representatives to sell your products or services is that you won't be incurring the expense of maintaining a sales force. There are, however, other advantages that are just as compelling.


A well-established representative will be around forever. independent SalesForce is not going to disappear after a few hard months on the road, like so many entry-level salespeople do.

Less management time

At independent SalesForce Limited our strong pedigree and experience is greater than most companies' own sales forces representatives, and we need less management and direction. Contract with iSF Limited and you will not need a sales manager, and we will take much less of your time than in-house staff.

Sales expenses rise and fall with your sales

This is a big plus for a growing business that doesn't have lots of cash in its early days, and also helps during downturns.

New sales; Repeat sales; Cross sales - Different focus

independent SalesForce Limited can quickly and efficiently provide a mix of skills and focus to manage both new business sales and (as your business grows) the increasing demands and opportunities through the optimum management of existing clients.