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DACG were approached by iSF in April of this year with a proposal to assist in our Business Development activities. Whilst we already had an internal capability, including Demand Generation (Tele-appointments), I was impressed enough by iSF to conduct a trial.

As a rule of thumb in our industry, what with the lead times usually associated with complex technical and consultative sales, it is almost unheard of for direct channel members to generate a signed new business opportunity within 3 months, and the expectation is that the lead time is nearer 6.

iSF closed a deal – and quite a significant deal at that – within 3 weeks of starting the relationship. Quite frankly we were amazed. Subsequent dealings with iSF have revealed how this was possible. They are Sales Professionals, with an incredible personal and virtual network.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you use them.

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